Cut 1/4" MDF on 60 watt

I’m trying to cut 1/4 MDF (home depot bought) on my 60 watt. I used the settings 5 mm/s and 65%. It cuts most of the spots except the smaller more intricate lines, which then ruins the whole design because it wont come apart. What settings should I be using?

My apologies, I should have had lightburn opened. I was thinking of a different setting.


Are you using air assist? If so, is it strong enough? With 1/4", you may need the flow provided by a real air compressor versus the standard aquarium pump air assist provided with many machines.

You say it doesn’t cut on the smaller more intricate lines. Your machine may not be able to get up to requested speed on the small stuff so it’s ramping the power down to compensate for slower speed. What is your MIN power set at? Try setting it the same as your MAX setting.

@Hank is on to it. You are traveling below the likely ‘Start Speed’ set in your Ruida.

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