Cut a letter tray and garden sign from scrap wood

I had to glue and tape, tabs were a bit loose?


Hi Lucien, nice work! A suggestion for your garden signs, use Stencil font so the inner circle of the letters (O P D A…) does not fall out :wink:


Thanks, just downloaded SHX fonts to Windows/fonts!

SHX fonts is also very useful for many purposes, but primarily they are used because they consist of simple lines and are therefore suitable for many laser projects. However, SHX fonts does not give you the desired effect to your garden signs, here “must” be used stencil fonts.


You can also “stencil” many fonts by using the Boolean Assistant tool and little rectangles.

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Got it! Thanks, Lucie

That is a great suggestion. I’ll add another, you can set Tabs / Bridges for your text as well to help prevent fallout lettering.

Love seeing your work @Lucie. Always puts a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

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