Cut a line (vector) at the intersection of another line


Maybe I missed something (I read the help Node Editing Tool), but I can’t find how to cut a line (ideally at the intersection of another one)

Cut in half or cut off any excess (trim) or cut between two lines (break out) .


I found the Lightburn YouTube video on Node Editing to be very helpful.

Check this out:

Here are the options available while using ‘Edit Nodes’ feature.

There isn’t a snipping tool like this yet, but it’s planned. For now you’d hover over the line and use the i key to ‘insert’ a new node, then hover over and press d to delete the segment after the node you just made.

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I had indeed tried this (inserting new nodes), but then I used D above a node and not above the part of the line to be deleted itself.
It is working now.

Thank you Oz

An intermediate way (and maybe easier to code?) could be to allow the node insertion (‘I’) to use the existing feature ‘Snap to objects

I don’t know if that’s possible?

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