Cut a shape from image or layer

I am trying to cut a shape from an image. I have watched a few video but it does not work on my version 1.4.01
load image
place a shape on image and put on a cut path layer
select shape, select image, drop window to cut shape select
now both image and shape are locked together
deselect everything on I can move the shape but it is not cut out of image as other video shows.
What have I missed?
I can mask the image and it works properly

Can you post a full screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Note that the Cut Shapes method is in fact using image masks to accomplish the task.

screen shot of full screen, red oval in center on toolpath layer , oval moves whole image and not a cut out, Mask removes exterior of oval and leaves interior of oval.

Finally Figured it out, NO video on the procedure. maybe I try one, a few steps to do it, but it works.
I still cat figure why the is not a easy method built into LightBurn maybe next version

Easy method to do what?

What are the steps?

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