Cut and Engrave Settings

I am so new to all of this. I havent even attempted to cut with my jtech 7w because Im not sure where to even start. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice. I looked at the cut/layers and I have no idea. I have watched videos but I am worried Ill break the machine.

Is this for the Onefinity machine in your profile? If so, why don’t you start with speeds that you know are safe with CNC operation. As for power, start with just enough power to see the light. Once you get comfortable that the machine is moving predictably then start increasing power until a burn is achieved.

At that point use the Material Test tool under Laser Tools to refine speeds and power for the given material.

If you want more background before starting then I’d suggest reading through the Documentation (LightBurn Software Documentation) and watching all the videos on the LightBurn Software Youtube channel.

Thank you. Yes it is for my onefinity. I just am having such a hard time processing all the information. I have watched a bunch of the videos but I felt like I couldn’t find the most basic info like if I change the power and speed on the colors at the bottom. I feel like an idiot so I figured I would ask. Thank you.

Start with something basic. Burn a rectangle or some text. Get a feel for these things:

  1. how location on screen affects location on machine
  2. basic design shapes
  3. Cut/layer Settings
  4. Jogging in Move window
  5. Framing jobs
  6. Running the job

Getting started guide here:
What Is LightBurn? - LightBurn Software Documentation

This is a getting started video. It’s a different machine but the basics should translate:

Thank you. Im on the document page now reading and watching more videos.

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