Cut and engrave text

Hello, i hope someone can help me. Im want to cut the text on the red line en engrave the text on the green line. How can i do this ?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

Something along this line?

I want to cut the orange line, and engrave or fil the text (green line)

There are many ways to do it, two options here. Is it something in the direction you want?

ok, and can it be done like i have it now ?

… not very nice but it can be done

Exactly what I showed. I just added a third, fill/crosshatch, layer for contrast.

Put the text and frame on the same layer, duplicate the text to a new layer, and weld the original to the “1”.

It’s probably the right way,
I’ve just scant and traced @skolto drawing and given the text an offset and welded all together.

I think its me but i still dont understand how to cut the name.

I found an example of what i want. red is cut and blue is engrave. But how can i change a red cutting line to a blue engraving line for a small piece of the line.

Your engraving area must be closed in one way or the other, your example makes no sense in this context, otherwise I have not understood your question

Using Edit Nodes - Select the starting point of the piece you wish to change and insert a node there if there isn’t one already, then use ‘B’ to break the shape at that point. Do it again at the other end. Select the line you just broke off and change the color by clicking one of the colors at the bottom of the screen.

For example, if I want to make this design cut out the rectangle, and engrave the text, the little tail on the ‘g’ at the end is going to be a problem:

I first converted the rectangle and the text to paths so I could node edit them. Then, using Edit Nodes, I selected the text, hovered over these two points and pressed ‘I’ to insert a new node, then ‘B’ to break the shape at those points:

Then I selected the rectangle, hovered over the line segment that crosses the dropped part of the g, and pressed ‘T’ to trim it away:


Then I selected the ‘tail’ part of the g and duplicated it (Ctrl+D), then selected the remaining part of the rectangle and that duplicated piece, and used Auto-Join to connect them together. (Alt+J or Edit > Auto Join). Then I selected the result and clicked the red palette entry at the bottom of the screen to make this:

I moved them apart a little so you could see the two parts. Now I just have to re-connect the two parts of the word - Select the dropped part of the g and the rest of the word and press Alt+J (Auto join) again.

I set the interval for the fill to something really large to make the difference more visible, but the preview clearly shows now that the outline will be cut out, and the lettering filled:


Yes thats what i mean. Thank you

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