Cut and engrave timing

Hi, my cut and engrave time seems to have gotten longer for some reason… Jobs that took me half an hour before are now showing 7 hours on the preview window. All settings are the same.
Is there a reaon or a fix ffor this?

Does the job complete in half an hour or in 7 hours?

If the job completes in half an hour the simulator settings (that feed the time estimator) for the preview window are way out. If the Job completes in 7 hours - the simulator is set accurately and a setting (inadvertently?) changed. It’s easy to bump a button accidentally. I’ve certainly done this more than once or twice.

The simulator is fed by values in a pop-up behind Device Settings.

Click Edit,
then wheel on down to click Device Settings,
then in the top tabs of that pop-up window click the tab marked Additional Settings.

Those are the numbers that feed the simulator.
If you click the ‘read from controller’ it will pull the numbers from the controller into the simulator.

If you adjusted the speed limits because of a hardware change that could change it.

After clicking the “Read From Controller” button have a look at the preview window. If the preview window is still showing 7 hours (if you’re willing/interested) I could look at at your LightBurn file and try to make an educated guess as to which button may have gotten bumped.

Thank you very much for your help. I did manage to fix it. Turns out you were right, I had the accident you changed the timer settings to mm per minute instead of mm per second

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