Cut and Print off by 10mm

I have this file here and print and cut wizard seems to off by 10mm. First time I tried it was 10mm off on the X axis to the right.

I thought let me have another go so I restarted the machine and the second time I ran it was 10mm off on Y axis towards the top.

Here is the file I’m working with.
help.lbrn2 (67.0 KB)

Odd part is when I frame the top right square it looks perfect.

Also here is verification of the second square.

All seems to be well at this point.

Click laser tools, print and cut wizard

I select first target the top right square, then jog laser with program to second target, set square as target, select align outputs scaled. (funny we have to do this but I already prove the program knows where the square are in my videos above)

Frame it, all looks good.

Start job again, what the heck now its off on the X axis.

No idea what happened here but here’s how I fixed it.

I created a new file to ensure it was working as expected from the youtube tutorial video. It worked with two objects so I turned the machine off and back on, made sure it would work again FLAWLESS. This has to be repeatable, not just magic. It did work again.

Now that I know print and cut was working on two objects I went back to the grid of 20 above. I have a feeling the cross hairs I made had some bad information. To prove this I jogged the laser to the center of the circle in my design on the bottom left. I then changed my grid array to not virtual, then selected cut graphics, clicking frame on the top right circle in my design. It went to position and circled perfectly. At this point I knew the machine knew where the circles were but had no idea about the points I created earlier. I added two cross hairs on the circles in the middle and ensured the print and cut feature was working. It was.

Now all I had to do was move the cross hairs to outside the circle as I wanted to frame off the frame and not the object. This way I dont have to draw on the object or find the center of an area thats cut out becuase this is a jig after all. So I created two more cross hairs outside of the design.

I then clicked on the crosshair and selected jog laser to center of selection, it worked. I did this with the other corner and that worked too, at this point I thought I would try the print and cut.

All is working now, no idea how my points got lost. No idea how I could send the machine to each and they would align till print and cut but whateva, all is well now!

Hope this helps someone in the future!!

Out of curiosity are you using absolute coordinates? Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

Correct, thats the only way the print and cut works.

I was able to fix by re-doing the points on the jig. Thank you!

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