Cut Code out of bounds

Whenever I make a new project. It tells me"Cut might be out of bounds". No matter how small I make the size. This just started happening. I have already make one project and burnt it.

What settings are you using for this job? Where do you have the art placed on the workspace? Do you have over-scanning applied? Out of bounds is a warning, telling you that the laser may try to move outside the bounds of travel from the current settings. You can turn the warning off, but something else is happening with this job. Share a bit more and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Thats another issue. I originally showed different cuts for each line I created. Now it only shows 1 for the whole thing.Art is placed in the center and laser job origine is in center. I should tell you I have a Jtech laser and load the gcode files onto my onefinity…

If you’re never directly connected to the laser you can turn off that warning in Edit → Device settings.


Thanks. Will give it a try.

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