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I am a new Lightburn user.

Done the first project and I notice a small heart shape - outline cut of 45mm x 45mm takes so much time to cut due to dual cut lines instead of a single cut line. Is it a setting thing within lightburn that can be altered or is it possible to get the SVG file to upload a single line cut instead of two line cuts?
For example, when I upload the heart-shaped outline file, I notice two cut lines: inner and outer.

Is it possible to work with one line instead of two? How do I achieve this to save time by at least 50%?

Looking forward to your favourable response.


Mr Eric

Hi, any chance you can upload a screenshot of the project showing the ‘cuts/layers’ settings?
It’s a lot easier to help if we can see it.

Thanks for the response,

See the screenshots as requested.

I would think your problem is the way you “import” your drawings. Are the shapes you have traced in LightBurn? LightBurn always traces the inner and outer edge of a line and does not interpret the “thick” line as one line. To achieve this effect, you must be able to “centerline trace” your drawing or shape, which is not yet available in LightBurn. For very simple shapes, like this heart for example, you can fill the shape and then you will be able to trace the outer edge. Of course, it is also possible to just remove one line when the shape is not too complicated.

Thank you,

I have managed to export image from canva, Imported, trace, ungrouped and picked what I need.
You have been of such great assistance.


Getting cleaner cuts at slightly over 50% of the amount of time it took with two lines.

Thank you again, learnt something new.

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You’re welcome. I am glad you have found such an effective solution, 50% more time, which can be used to explore the many fine possibilities that come with a laser and of course LightBurn.

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