Cut lines not matching up

So I have some basic cut lines, some circles and squares, some on a double pass.
Everything lines up on the software but when it’s cutting some lines will be 1 to 2mm bellow where they should be and it ruins the entire peice, I can’t work out for the life of me why, it doesn’t happen in the same spot either it’s like it’s tied to a certain shape.
I have reset the laser, I have sent it to the laser to fire off the ruida, I’m using the most recent update of lightburn. Can anyone help as it’s driving me crazy.
Settings wise I have all optimisations on bar the hide backlash.

Please show us what you see. We can go from there.

This is what it should look like

And this is the cut

See how the inner circle has dropped down 1/2mm and cut into the text

Does that help?

This is now happening across multiple files, on both line and fill, i have tried the hide backlash and it makes zero difference, my bed is level my laser is working fine, i cant work out what is happening

X and/or Y axis acceleration (or possibly idle acceleration) settings too high and it’s loosing steps?

Idle acceleration controls how fast it moves between shapes.

When I got my ruida based machine it cut individual shapes fine, but shapes were misaligned with each other and it turned out my idle acceleration was a little too optimistic for my machine and sometimes it lost position.


This sounds like we could be on a winner here, how do I edit the settings for this? At this point I’ve even considered a sacrifice to the laser gods :joy:

Edit > Machine Settings

I would write down the current settings, then decrease them by about 30%. If the problem persists then you’re on the wrong track, put old settings back.
If problem gets better then you can start nudging the acceleration back up a little at a time until you found the highest value that works consistently.

Hi hank, i did this and ran some more tests, no joy,
i have changed the order of the layers and removed all of the optimisation settings and, i had this on another file whereby the engraving was 2mm lower than where it should be but it would only affect bottom left of the work and slight middle.
Just running a new cut now

With all of the optimisations off the cut has now moved 2mm ABOVE where it should be…

the same cut is replicated 15 times on a 400 x 600mm sheet, the top row is good, the middle is 1mm high and the bottom row is 2mm high

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