Cut might be out of bounds due to over scan setting

I do not know what setting I changed or what I did but now I cannot get the laser to do any work, I get a post that says cut might be out of bounds due to overscan settings. I read several posts and homed the laser which is a NEJE 3 pro I typed a simple sentence and it frames the sentence but will not to do the job
It homes then goes to the post which I think is in the center of the work area and stops.
I tried the NEJE software to eliminate a laser problem and it runs fine.

Red square is the machine origin, and the green is the job origin.

Where is your ‘current position’ when you ask for it to run?

Good luck


I now get a message that I am not in grbl mode please switch to grbl mode How in the world did I do all this?

I’ve never see that message before, but I would guess, you changed the devices…

Screenshot from 2022-08-21 13-19-42


I will check that now.

I was in GRBL but when I switched it and reselected it it did move the laser. It framed the work and when I selected start it moved along the x axis 3 inches and stopped. Then when I retried it said the out of bounds sign again. Sorry to be taking your time but I am lost here

Are you scanning something or vector cutting? Is the indicator in the layer, line, fill or image?

Don’t worry about it, we are all lost at some point, lets see if we can fix that…

Does you machine ‘home’ when you power it up? If so, which corner does it home to.?


I was scanning a image, when the problem started I stopped and simply typed in a simple sentence “Made for Diane” I have not cut anything yet. took a photo of the cut and layers It is line. The machine will home

We need to stick to one problem. If you change the operation it’s more difficult for me to help you out…

Do you know the difference between a scan and a vector?


Sorry fell asleep. Not sure I do know the difference as they relate to laser work

With a scan type operation, one axes, usually the Y is stepped at the dpi rate and the other axes ‘scans’ across the image back and forth.

This is a scan image video

With a vector, the head follows the ‘lines’ or the ‘tool path’ as it’s generally referred.

This is a vector engraving video

Make sense as to why it can make a difference…?


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