Cut might be out of bounds due to overscan settings - continue anyway?

I think that means that the image is larger than the size of the machine capabilities?

I have downloaded a file for marking out my machine bed and although my working laser module is not here i’m trying to get used to the machine and software but am getting nowhere rapidly. The plan is designed exactly for my machine by the guy who made it on the same machine as mine yet I am getting the above message.
Any help please?

This is a common configuration problem. If you followed the Lightburn grbl setup the machine should (at least the software) should let you run it. You should go over the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation that will help you understand how your machine is laid out.

When you tell a machine to scan something. The laser head has to accelerate up to the scanning speed and then it has to slow/stop/go the other direction where it has to accelerate back up to speed.

This is called overscan. It will be larger area than the ‘scanned’ item/graphic.

It might be that the ‘code’ or artwork you have needs to be done in a vector format. It is not a ‘scan’ type of operation and may let you get away closer to the edges, but the physics still apply in that it needs to accelerate/decelerate to get to head speed.

Good luck


Thank you for that Jack, so am I OK just to decrease amount of overscan (mine is showing 2.5%) or do I reduce the size of the image, which on my case is size markings for the base board because if i do that, surely the markings will not be correct?

The faster you ask the head to run the more overscan is needed. It might help if you can drop the .lbrn2 file here for others to examine. There’s not only a number of users here for your laser, but there is also an area specific to your laser.

Keep in mind the machine operation you are using and how it has to work to do what you ask of it.

Does it have to be ‘scanned’ or can it be vector cut? There are tradeoffs in both

Good luck


Thank you again I will try once more to upload the file.
Sorry, I can’t even do that. I am just getting the image not the tech stuff that I guess you want?

You should have a .lbrn2 file.

You can just ‘drag & drop’ it on the reply window or use the upload icon download-icon-lightburn on the tool bar.



I have no idea if this is going to work

Vertical.lbrn2 (46.6 KB)
Horizontal.lbrn2 (47.1 KB)

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