Cut might go out of bounds due to overscan settings

I suddenly started to get this message, “Cut might go out of bounds due to overscan settings - Cut anyway”? as a prompt before I start a job. I did some reading and see that when I set it to ‘fill’ there is the Overscanning setting is enable at 2.5%. I did not update this to my knowledge, but if I reset to default, it goes away. Hmmm

Even if I disable the setting on my job with a single fill layer, it still gives me this message.

Any advice?

Thank you!

Move whatever you’re engraving a few more inches away from the edge of the platform, so the laser head has room to speed up and slow down before it gets to the pattern.

@jkwilborn has a pretty picture showing the overscan:

If the preview shows an absurdly wide overscan region, you may have the speed set too high or the acceleration too low, but most often it’s just because the pattern is too close to the edge:

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Thank you Ed. I just tested it with a 5 letter word using “Current Position” from the middle of the workspace. I framed it to make sure it knew the starting point and still get that message. It’s easy to click yes to bypass it, but it is annoying.

Does the laser home correctly when you start it up, so that you can jog to all four corners of the platform?

I don’t know if the D1 Pro has homing switches, so this may be relevant:

If it’s not homed, then the controller doesn’t know where the laser head is. Even if it’s physically in the middle of the platform, the controller may think it’s elsewhere and, in this case, what the controller thinks wins. :grin:

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Open the preview window like Ed did, and turn on the switch that says, “Show Traversal Moves”. This should show you what’s going on.

You can capture and share that image here with a screen capture tool:

If the speed is accidentally set too high or Inches per Second is inadvertently selected for speed, this will increase the deceleration time and the overscan distance.

Here is the preview image for this example. I have it set to home and that is working. I put the workpiece in the center and it’s size is 60mm x 60mm. It frames properly and my speed is set to 50mm/sec.Overscan is set to 2.5%, but if I disable nothing changes with the prompt. If I try this using User Origin that message doesn’t popup. I appreciate the advice and if I can provide anything else, please let me know!

Chris M

In the Preview window, please zoom out to capture the whole work area and re-capture.

I don’t yet understand why you’re getting this error message.

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