Cut mode not working

Hi, I am fairly new to this laser and cannot get it to cut through. I am able to engrave but not actually cut through the wood, I do not believe it is the power/speed settings but cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. Please help.

Your profile says you have a 100w CO2, so I’m assuming you have a Ruida controller. You haven’t mentioned what you’re trying to cut, how thick it is, or what power or speed you’re using, so I’m going to take a few guesses:

  • If you’re cutting, especially if you’re going slow, it helps to set Min Power and Max Power the same. If you go slow enough, the only value used is Min Power

  • Make sure you are properly focused (Google how to do a ramp test if you aren’t sure)

  • Make sure you have your air assist running - cutting requires it

If you can provide a few more specifics, like what power & speed you tried, and a photo of the result, we can likely give better help.

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