Cut not respecting the angles

Hi !

I created a file in illustrator and imported it into LightBurn, then started cutting.
By superimposing my A4 boards, I realized that the angles are not respected and I do not understand why.

I fixed my ATOMSTACK Pro+ to my table (it doesn’t move), I also fixed my metal board and created angle supports to frame my A4 wooden board (see photos).
Nothing moves in all my installation.

Except that when cutting, the 90° angle is not respected, I don’t understand why.
So I created another rectangle directly in LightBurn then tried cutting again, but same problem.
I enclose attached photos of the offset as well as my file (.lbrn2) while requesting your help for the correction of this problem.
Thanks in advance,


Gabari - test.lbrn2 (165.2 KB)

It can only be your X and Y axis are not set at 90 degrees

I agree,
I’d think it prudent to hold that square up to the atomstack frame and check it.

Hello everyone and thank you very much for your help.
In fact, the problem came from there. It’s weird, the bolts have loosened (device installed for almost a year without having moved it). I remember that I have to do these checks from time to time.

All in all, thanks again for your help, the problem has been solved.

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