Cut only outline on an SVG File

Hello i have an SVG File on that i would like to cut only the outline, there are 2 parallel lines and i could not ungroup further.

How can i bring lightburn to cut only the outline?



I seen that before on a file someone sent me It was not lightburn I think it was a just the way they had drawn it . Can you do an offset with very small amount and ungroup that.

no because pic trace is greyed out

Taube.lbrn (143.4 KB)

Its because you dont have an outline as such, the part that makes up the outline is various closed segments. Use the node edit tool to delete the parts you dont need and then join up the remaining bits to make a continuous outline. Its just the way it was drawn.

Your file doesn’t have a single outer line - it’s a bunch of overlapping individual shapes, as Alan says. If you select it, then use the Offset Shapes tool to offset everything by 1mm, you can select the result, ungroup, and delete the inner lines it makes, and you’ll get this:


thx for your quick help
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