Cut Order method?

I have four items on my laser bed that I am trying to cut. See attached picture. Is there a way to, once my items are placed on bed, tell LightBurn that the starting point for all of my items its the 1,2,3,4,5 position so that at the completion of each cut the user will go to the next number and start cutting the next object.

The Start Point must be a node of the shape, so it can’t be on the framing square. You might pick the point of the heart:

You can then set the order of the shapes manually by giving each a priority, then telling the cut optimizer to work in priority order:

What’s the compelling reason to care about the order?

Thank you for the help. The competing reason is that my laser bed is approximately 4’x5’. On that bed are 8 15"x15" honeycomb beds. On those beds are my material to be cut.

Now, that’s a laser! :grin:

Even with Reduce travel moves turned on, the poor thing would spend plenty of time getting to the spots marked Start.

Now I know more …

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