Cut order priority dialog showing up at startup all the time

Not sure when it happened with the latest update or what but when I start lightburn the dialog (image below) is permanently on display in the upper left just out of the main window. Is there a setting or config that maybe happened. It does not affect anything the emblaser2 is working fine with the software. Its just a frustration. I can not move it nor get rid of it.
thanks for any insight
John Schipper BTW I hope the image I pasted shows up in the post correctly…

It looks like the Shape Properties window is undocked and off-screen as you say. You can select ‘Window’→’Reset to Default Layout’ from the menu, or restart LightBurn, hold the Shift key when you launch, which will reset all windows and layout as well. Give that a try and let us know. :slight_smile:

That worked thanks

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