Cut out moving to the right

Burning an image with cut out but the cut is moving to the right, it is aligned ok within the file. Any suggestions?

A picture of a failed job using that design would be helpful.

If the laser was working fine before, you’re using the same cut settings, and you haven’t changed any machine settings, this is most likely a mechanical problem in the X axis.

The immediate suspect is a loose setscrew in the belt pulley on the X axis motor shaft. My OMTech has a pressed-on pulley, but some machines use a setscrew, so look carefully.

If you’ve been using the laser for a looong time, check for a worn or loose X axis belt that can skip under load. If the tensioning screws have worked loose, that’ll do it.

The screws securing the belt to the laser head can work loose and allow some slop. That would likely show other symptoms, but they’re still worth checking.

Hi, just trying another test. I will upload a picture.
The image is burning fine, only problem is the cut out, all belts are tight. I did install a couple of new stepper motors a couple of month ago.

Maybe just image scaling and compression but that blue cut line doesn’t look equally spaced from perimeter of the engrave. How much off to the side are we talking?

New steppers… Did you recalibrate both axes? Any error there will get worse as the workpiece gets larger.

I rest my case. :grin:

Taut belts can’t help when a pulley goes slip-sliding away.

Well, I didn’t finish the test file, what a mess. All belts & pulleys are tight, re-started the machine and have done a calibration now running another test…

All solved, must have been a corruption of some sort, all looking good now :slight_smile:

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