Cut paths not finishing or ending up incorrectly

Recently my 80W yellow laser and ruida set up started acting weird, it either doesn’t finish a path or finishes it incorrectly.

I’ve tried formatting the memory with no help
All cables are new

The run file also comes through incorrect.

What can cause this?

Running the latest lightburn software on a MAC M1

Thank you for posting. Please post some pictures of what you’re seeing.

Which Ruida Controller is your 80W laser engraver using?

I knocked your other post off the other thread for two reasons.
Your symptoms seem pretty different so the diagnostic path will be different. Looking forward to your pictures. ( a screen capture tool like ‘snip’ is very helpful. )
Second, Consolidating your question into one place helps you get the answers you’re looking for. Making one focal point for your question improves clarity.

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