Cut Planner Estimate Too Low

I just ran a job with engrave and cut lines that the preview says would take about 8:39. The job actually took 16:55. I’m on a Ruida controller, and from the preview window display it seems that it may not be taking into account the time the laser is outside the engraving area. Feels like it’s just reporting the number of seconds the laser will be firing, and not the true move time.

Is there something I can do to get a better representation of how long a job should run?



The estimates are set to default values upon install and will require adjustment for your specific hardware and settings. Once you dial these settings to match your setup, the estimates can be quite accurate.


LightBurn is not yet populating these settings by reading them from the controller. That is on the list for a future release to ease the process of tuning the simulator to match the system settings in a more automated fashion.

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Thanks, I’ve updated those settings and will time it the next time around to make sure I have it right. I looked at this page before and assumed that it actually changed settings on the device, so I was reluctant to fiddle with them.

These are only for the preview sim itself, so nothing changed on the controller. There’s not always a direct 1:1 correspondence, and the times will always differ a little bit, because I can’t exactly match the motion planning on the device, but it should be able to get very close.

No problem. I certainly don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, but better than 50% accurate will be a huge improvement!

Appreciate your attention to detail on this stuff. Software is hard.


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