Cut profiles and laser power controlls

Hello All,
i was wondering if anyone has a way to make the laser cut profiles save to each individual file. I do a lot of production laser cutting of fabric. I layer the cuts so that each color is set set to have almost always the same power settings, but are a different part number, nested into the cut bed to make batches. that being said when I need part 1 i select that cut color and away I go, but I need to be able to re label the colors when I open other files for different assemblies for a different set of parts. at present is color 2 is red and I label it as part {3045-3} with settings of 200mm/min cut speed and 50% cut power. then I save that file and open or create a new file/project. I would like it to be able to be labeled something different and have ability to change the power and speed and it save to that file and not be changed so that i need to re program it next time i make that original part number.

That is what the Material Library does for a living:

Put all your cut information in the library with meaningful names, then use those library entries to set the cut layers for a specific job.

I have top-level categories for cardboard, acrylic, white paper, art paper, MDF, and so forth. Each of those has sub-entries for cuts, engraving, marking, and so forth.

Then I can use the same few layers for essentially all my projects: C00 for engraving, C01 for labeling, and C02 for cutting, with the settings for each coming from the appropriate library entries.

Setting a layer from the library has two options:

  • Link means a change to the library entry will update every job it’s used in: load the job and the new layer settings will automatically apply.
  • Assign just sets the layer to those values, but changing the library entry doesn’t have any effect.

It might work better than trying to keep track of all those colors!