“Cut Selected Graphics” triggers laser 2 and not the default laser 1

(Using LB with Ruida RDC6442S-B(EC) with dual laser)
For a cut layer, if laser 1 is only enabled and cut with normally with laser 1, and if I have cut some part again, I select “Cut Selected Graphics”. When I run it, it triggers only laser 2 and not the laser 1. Framing does it correct with the laser 1, but actual cut happens with laser 2. That throws everything apart. Any way to correct it?

Thank you @muralaser, and apologies for not acknowledging this sooner. Chatting with Oz, we are not understanding why it’d behave in this way, but need to dig a bit. If willing, please provide a LightBurn file with this behavior, we can use it to investigate this further. :slight_smile:

Edit: What version of LightBurn and which OS are you using?

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