Cut Settings Disappeared!

I opened up my Lightburn and all my speeds and power were jacked up!! Not only that, I tried to run a test to try and get my speeds right myself and I ran something at 100 speed/99 power and 5 speed/99 power and they both moved exactly the same. The slower speed was the same as the 100 speed. I’m not sure what happened. Please help!!
cut setting screenshot

Try the easy 4 steps laid out in this video.

Thank you so very much!! That helped a lot. I’m going to run a test tomorrow to see if the speed has actually changed. I ran at 100 speed and 5 speed and it ran the same speed, not one slower than the other…

Make sure both Lightburn (likely) and your machine are using the same units. If ones using inches/min and the other mm/s there is a major issue with units.