Cut settings for 1/4 baltic birch

I have an 80w red and black co2 laser. I’m trying to cut through 1/4 baltic birch. Do you know what settings i should be using?

Well, I’ll start with “every machine is different and every piece of wood is different, and you’ll need to experiment to find best results”.

Having got that out of the way, I have a 80w red&black and I cut 6mm baltic birch plywood at around 12 mm/sec @ 65% power with a 2.5" lens.

YMMV, but that should be a reasonable starting point.

I run my 60w red and black at 65 percent at 20-25 mm per second to cut 3 mm and 5 mm per second to cut 6 mm MDF. Considering the extra power of the 80 watt, those numbers appear to be a good start.

I have experimented and When it’s done the wood is all black and charred. Unusable. I’m really new at this. Obviously lol.

Hello Marcie,
You will do many tests if you want to use your machine seriously for something useful. It gives you the necessary understanding of your machine and knowledge of all the various materials you will be working with. There is no standard or easy path to proper results. And even if you’ve done a test with, for example, 5mm plywood today, it’s far from certain that you can use the same settings for a different delivery of 5mm plywood.
But there are standard settings that must be met every time - correct focus, perfectly clean mirrors and lens, a straight laser beam and the material must also be level even.
A test run for new material takes me approx. 1-2 hours and ends with a standard test piece with the settings found and the current date engraved on the test piece, and a new post in my Lightburn material library.

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