Cut Settings Tutorial?

Hello All,
I’m fairly new to lasers in manufacturing in general. I have owned a JTech 7W diode laser for over a year now.

I am trying to learn a bit more about Lightburn and all its settings. Other than the basic setting and a few things I’ve learned on YouTube, there is still a lot of features in the “Cut Settings Editor” that I have no clue what they are or do. I want to try them, but I’m a bit hesitant, because I use this machine almost on a daily basis for production.

Is there a tutorial anywhere online that I can follow along with to learn what these features are?

Anyone with an ebook or YouTube channel, feel free to plug your wears!:grin:

I already follow Jtech and Lightburn on YouTube!!

Thanks for any help!

Nearly everything is on the documentation page here:

Tabs aren’t yet, and a few of the image options aren’t either, but we’re in the process of writing new docs that are better, and will have those done before too long.


Thank You!

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