Cut shapes and unions bolean

Hi all, I’m using the trial period, and I noticed that I have some icons that I can’t use, for example cut shape or even boolean unions. Is it because I haven’t bought the license yet? Thank you and greetings Roberto

No. There is no difference in functionality between trial and full license.

Those features are dynamic and will become visible when you’ve met the conditions to use them.

The 30 day free trial is 100% functional. Here is a video on the Booleans that may lend some insight as to the requirements for their usage:

I understood and saw that it works. But how do I cut with the puzzle? where can I find it ?

I’ve seen the video, but I don’t know how to bring the “puzzle” to the table

You have to have closed shapes for any of the Boolean tools to work, so you can’t use just a straight line. You’d likely have to look into Node Editing to join everything together, or the Cut Shapes tool:

Io vorrei tagliare con il puzzle questo progetto .Allego immagine

If you’re trying to cut a project that is too big for your laser bed, then you want to use Print and Cut:

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