Cut Shapes Disappear when Moved, How to resize Cut Shape?

I’m trying to cut a .bmp file roughly in 2 and then stretch one part and then rejoun the 2. the cut shapes operation seems to work ok but when I move the cut image it seems to be cut off by some window. If I move it enough then the cut image disappears entirely. In the screen shot below you can see th eoriginal image on the left, the cut image in the middle which I tried to move to the left, and the bottom portion of the image which moved correctly.

Second I have selected the rightmost image after the cut but the frsame about the image remains the same size - there is a large empty space when the cut portion was. Can this be resized to frame only the image? that is, eliminate the empty space in the frame?

Can the two images exist separately? LightBurn will accept it.

I am certain that I’m not following you. Please walk me through this. What is the desired outcome?

I am not certain but I believe that your images have unwanted whitespace next to the art. Masking them and cutting the whitespace away may be beneficial.

If you’re willing to share your project file I may be able to see and explain the cause of the behavior.

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