Cut Shapes - I need fresh eyes on this

There is something wrong in my project which is preventing the cut process. Maybe an attentive user catches the error.

CutShapeTest.lbrn2 (403.1 KB)

Computer? Lightburn version? Laser make/model? What is the least power that will still cut/image? I downloaded your file and see nothing wrong with it. That opinion really rests on the minimum power. Will speed 36 and power 20 actually make an image?

Ok, after a bit of investigation I’ve found a gap in the top left jigsaw shape. Once this is closed it cuts just fine. I haven’t checked the other pieces.

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Yeah, if you zoom in close all 4 of those shapes are broken where Markus shows.

Thank you for your feedback,

Patrick, all relevant information is visible in my profile and the LightBurn version is always the last Beta :wink:, the values for speed and power are not real in this case.

Marcus and Hank, you are of course right!
It’s a little embarrassing that I have not checked it. I’m going to ask Oz to program an alarm siren and a red flashing light, associated with each shape, which will trigger the alarm when the shape is not closed!

You’re welcome.
That sounds like a great idea :wink::rofl: