Cut tab in trial version

I am on the free trial version of Lightburn and will most likely buy the full version. I have been looking for the “cut” tab in the laser window and I can not find it like I see in some of the video I have watched. Is that disabled in the trial version? Thanks

The only limit to the trial is the time you have to use it. You can screencap the videos you reference, and share here, so we can see what you are talking about. We can go from there. :slight_smile: Or tell us what you are trying to do and we might be able to direct you further.

Here is our documentation, which is worth review. Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Thank you for the response. Wanting to try to do my first cuts with my D1. In my cut/Engrave window I do not show the cut tab. Configuration issue? Thank you.

I think you’re looking for the Cuts/Layers window. Looks like it was called Cuts at one time.

Thank you for writing. I hope this helps with what I am seeing. I am just using a text “Testing 123” assigned it a layer in my drop down I do not have a ‘CUT’ option. Il

I have never seen cut either. I use line for cutting.

Using the line works?

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In cutting or engraving you use the same palette layer, the difference between the two is the amount of power and speed you have to use, less speed and more power for cutting, more speed and less power for engraving, that’s the trick, you only have to make some tests to find you optimal settings depending also on which material you use.

Line = cut
Fill = scan / engrave

We changed these names a while back, but the function is the same. :slight_smile:


Thank you folks for the information. I didn’t know if ‘cut’ change or altered the beam focal point to ‘cut’. I will play with it this weekend. Thank you again.

Got a chance to play around with the ‘line’ mode. Cuts pretty good for a 10 watt. Wish I had got the air assist but oh well.

Thank you for the information. Have a good weekend.