Cut the same path with a change in Z axis

I am thinking of adding a Z axis to my setup.
I am a bit confused as to how to set up a cut, say a simple circle, that would have the first cut at Z=0
and the second cut done at Z - 2mm.
I do not have Z turned on in my setup. If I activate the Z axis, do I get some additional settings in the cut window?
Or do you lay a second circle on top of the first and assign a new color or layer to it?

You say how many times you want to repeat the cut and how much you want to progress the Z at each cut.

There is a “Z step per pass” setting on cuts. For your example, you would specify 2 passes, and a 2mm step down per pass.

Ok that is what I figured, I have not enabled it in the set up so I do not see the setting, will have a look. Thanks.

What controller do you have? It should be there for basically everything that LightBurn supports. Having the Z disabled doesn’t hide the control, just makes the cut generator not emit Z moves.

Just had a look, I see it. Guess I never paid mind to it.
I do not yet have a Z axis. I also see the setting to set the Z axis height at the start of the job.

Thanks Oz.

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