Cut through help?

Hi everyone, I’m just trying to get some info on the cut through mode. This is on a grbl machine if that makes any difference. When I set the dwell time and turn cut through mode on the machine pierces just fine but then moves as if to cut out the shape but with no power output. On the layer itself the power setting is set to 100 and constant power mode is turned on. Anyone have any idea what that’s about? All I’m trying to cut is a straight line to to test settings and all I’m getting is a pierce. This is a diy cnc plasma FYI and all seems well I just need dwell time to allow the pierce if I run a cut without cut through I get all but the first part of the cut. I know a plasma is different but in my mind it’s not to far off its just a 2d plotter where lightburn tells when to turn on or off through the use of a relay.

I’m also running a GRBL-based machine (v1.1h, modified) and ran into an issue with “cut through” that I worked around with a simple gcode edit. When using “constant power” mode combined with “cut through”, Lightburn incorrectly changes out of constant power (GRBL M3) after the pierce and switches to variable power mode (GRBL M4) before drawing your line. To workaround, I save gcode; change all M4’s to M3’s in the gcode; then “run gcode” in Lightburn and select the modified gcode. If you have a mixture of constant power and variable power layers, then your gcode substitution is a little more complicated. If this does not solve your problem, can you please post the gcode from your 1-line test case? Also, what version of GRBL are you running?

Hi and thanks for the input. I did try and change all the m4 to m3’s but then I also changed all the s0 to s1000. Either way after I did that it just turn on and off in the same place lol. Anyway what I’ve found that’s been helping me along is just using constant power with a .5 in lead in which gives ample time for it to pierce. It’s working for silhouettes, am yet to try it on objects that have cuts within them.

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