Cut Through Marlin

Hi all, nice to find you all. I recently fitted a Chinese 40W laser diode to my MPCNC running on Ramps 1.4/Marlin board. The laser has 12v PWM and hence run it from D9 socket on the board using M106/M107 commands. However, I notice there is a delay in firing up the laser when first firing. This is less of a problem during the middle of the cut when presumably the diode is charged enough to support fluctuations without requiring 200ms to start cutting again.

After reading a bit it looks like the solution is to active cat through. However, for marlin boards this toggle button does not exist. If I change my machine to say GRBL then the button exists. See image attached. Solutions anyone, pls?

Marlin does not support the required GCode commands to properly support cut-through, which is why you do not see it in the interface. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do besides using a different controller to get that feature. It’s simply a limitation of Marlin.

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Thank you, I thorught I was bling and needed to check something else but didn’t know what.

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