Cut through settings

Hello Everyone,
I’m just trying to get a handle on the cut through setting. I’m running grbl 1.1h on an arduino uno to control a homemade cnc plasma on 20x40 extrusion using nema 23’s (269oz. In). It works for the most part but the gantry moves just before it has enough time to pierce, leaving me with a small tab sometimes in hard to reach spots like in a tight radius. I have constant power mode on at 100% power for the relay to enable my plasma to fire. When I mess with start pause time it dwells without the plasma on (not what I’m looking for). When I turn on cut through mode the machine seems to dwell for a moment and is cutting but when the regular power should be taking over to continue the cut it stops providing cutting power and continues to move which I think is odd? Anybody have any ideas?

Do you have a ‘Power’ value set by chance? :slight_smile:

Set correctly, the Power settings should kick in after the ‘Cut Through’ delay completes. Are you saying this is not happening for you? If you save the GCode (give it a .txt extension), we can take a look to see what might be happening.

Hi, Thanks for the response. I do have the power set for the cut through at 100%. Ive attached the gcode below, it makes a bomb shaped bottle open in case you want to cut one lol. bottle opener.txt (8.2 KB)

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