Cut to left, center or right of the line

Is it possible to do the following in lightburn, I cannot find how. It is possible in RdWorks.

Say I am cutting 2 circles, one in white, one in Black.
I want the black one to fit tight into the center of a hole in the white one.

What I would like to do is draw a 50mm circle, when cutting the white piece (the hole) I want to tell the laser to cut on the LHS of the line, when cutting the Black circle I want to tell the laser to cut on the RHS of the line so this takes up the thickness of the laser cut.
Or for joints in things I can just draw it once and tell the laser to cut to the outside of the lines on one piece.

hope that makes sense.

Excellent, thank you…Kerf… Learnt a new word today.

It’s in the docs here, for reference:

I am having no joy with this Kerf command in V1.

This is the part I am cutting -

With the kerf setting applied to the Blue layer to increase the width of the tenons to fit snug into the next mortice piece.

If I set Kerf inward or Outward nothing changes, I’ve tried several times upto 0.3mm.

(the size of the part is 6mm wide, 40mm Rad corner)

Does the Kerf setting only work with a closed item (box, circle) ? obviously that would be useless here as it would cut the tenon off.

Make sure the shape is actually closed. If it is just lines that are not connected into a closed loop, there is no “inside” or “outside”.

Edit > select open shapes
Edit > Auto Join selected shapes

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