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I have OMTech MF2028-100 machine. I have attached a 2 files, one modified and one unmodified. The modified shows the frames with stars on each end, the inside and outside layer will be cut out, leaving the edges of the star hanging over the frame of the glasses. I used node edit to change the layer of the stars inside edges for the frame side of the star to be etched on level 10. Disregard what power setting it shows on the file - I will adjust accordingly if/when I send it to the laser.

The unmodified file is prior to any manual modifications that I made with node edit tool I’m wondering if there is a tool within Lightburn that would allow me to do this more quickly and simply. I watched a Youtube video of the Cut Shapes tool but that didn’t really fit the needs here. I am doubting there is an easier way to do this other than node edit like I did to separate the outside/inside lines from the etched lines.

Round Glasses 6-2024 - 12 length x 8.4 tall and stars various size stars unmodified.lbrn2 (34.4 KB)

Round Glasses 6-2024 - 12 length x 8.4 tall and stars various size stars.lbrn2 (49.5 KB)

Are these supposed to be just glasses with stars on the ends?

You have the starts separated… maybe you can explain what you want with a bit more clarity.


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They are glasses with stars on the end for a craft project. The client is asking for glasses with stars. I didn’t want to just provide the glasses with a star shape on the edge, but actually show the image of the star. But to properly cut out the glasses, it needs to have a cut out layer for the outside and inside glasses part, and an etch layer to show the star shape on top of the frames. I am going to suggest to the client that the star shape is cut out separately and glued on as an additional layer on the ends of the glasses. If she agrees, all of this is a moot point.

Yes, the stars are separated still. I haven’t taken time to join the nodes on the outside and inside lines yet. I have 3 more sizes of stars to do and was hoping to find a more simple way of doing this.

I created a tutorial showing you how to do what you’re describing, I think.


You also have Window set to Filled and change layer to Line/Fill much faster workflow.

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This is so amazing and exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you for your time and tutorial. I’ve not thought about using a combination of multiple layers and Boolean Assistant before. This is powerful knowledge you’ve share with me and I so appreciate you.


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