Cut vs Fill vs Layers vs Offsets, what will actually fill then cut?

Yes, I’m a newbie and yes, I’ve been looking through the questions asked/answered but I’m not finding what should be a simple answer. I’ve got an image that I need to “fill” areas in which works just fine. The issue is, I also need to “cut” it out of the sheet. Apparently there’s no direct method to allow filling then cutting. Yes, I saw the sub-layer assignment in the cuts/layers area and truly I hope that’s the solution but documentation that I can find, doesn’t say its for this purpose.
Yes, I saw something about using offsets and assigning to a different layer but there’s nothing in the editor that allows one to see the separate “layers” by themselves. I’m thinking…lol, it would be nice to view the layers individually and/or piece them together/apart for the visual representation of the user. Not sure if that makes sense or not but I’m picturing in my head, the bottom layer on the screen and adding the next higher layer, one at a time till you see the entire project as one. If that were possible, you could then edit one layer at a time.
Again, sorry, still very much a newbie here.

Sublayers can solve for this specific purpose but it’s not the exclusive purpose. Sublayers exist to allow for multiple distinct layer operations on the same given vector geometry. As an example, let’s say you had a vector square, you could have one sublayer defined as a Fill and another defined as a Line and that would allow for both operations on the same square. However, sublayers are very flexible and can be used for whatever purpose you like. Previously, LightBurn had a special-cased layer operation called “Fill+Line” which automatically did both operations. Sublayers supplanted that with a more generalized and more flexible solution.

However, be aware that the sublayer concept does not apply to images which is what you started with. Image layers are a special-cased layer type in LightBurn. If you want to “cut-out” something that was initially burned as an image you will need to add shape geometry matching the desired outline and assign that to a Line layer.

Are you aware of the ability to toggle the “Show” flag for each layer? That allows you to disable the visibility, but not existence, of each layer.

I’ll try to find that “show” flag for sub-layers. It sounds like that’s the way to go

Show will be at the Layer level, not sublayer level. Note that what you see in general on the Workspace is geometry, not operation. Meaning you don’t see cut paths on the Workspace. Fill and Line broadly are somewhat exceptions to that as-in LightBurn can be configured to show whether a shape is shown as filled or just wireframe. Note that the recommended preference is not to show in a Filled view style as configuration in the Window menu.

Got it. Thank You

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