Cut was not completed

First time in two months of use that my cutter did not finish the cut layer which was the last in layer’s playlist. the outer cut ended half way through and head went home. i will now check the generated gcode.


Gcode looks ok but that’s a gcode generated manually by me post-job. is there a way to analyze the stream that was sent during the job? is there a backup somewhere for analysis?

There isn’t, but if nothing has changed in your settings or config, the gcode output will be identical. GCode generation is deterministic. If the head went home, and you have home on startup enabled, it disconnected and reconnected, meaning the USB connection dropped for some reason, possibly from a brief power loss, or the physical USB connection was interrupted.

Ok, I ran the same job again, laser off, and disconnected USB to see what goes.
i was quite supersized to see that a sub-sec USB disconnect did nothing (i guess cache is bigger than what i thought it was) but a longer disconnect like a sec long sent the laser head back home.

So I’m guessing my findings supports your theory.
I use a long USB connection over CAT6 and this is not “legit” to say the least.
I need to come up with a better connection as I will soon be adding a camera as well and there is no chance this current connection will support that.

my board only has a USB port (and wifi which is useless). I need to find a more robust communication between PC and Cutter or add a local computer.

Once disconnected from LB, my Smoothieboard did not re-connect even when trying right-clicking Devices button. it did reset (laser status now “Ready”) after few minutes by itself. is there a more aggressive command to add as a macro to force reset?


Right-click of the Devices button does a full disconnect and reconnect. Since you’re running over CAT6 there may be other, lower level things that would need to re-establish first, but I would have no control over that. If you were using a real, direct USB connection, you’d hear the ‘ding!’ as you plug in the USB cable immediately.

How long is your cable?

Enough to go around the globe twice. 15meters with USB2RJ45/CAT6 extenders on both ends. this worked quite well these last couple of weeks but since no stream is the same - i guess i’ve reached a limit even though it was during a simple cut - nothing fancy but it came after long filling. Anyway, i agree that this needs to change but i don’t know what to do - My cutter is in my laundry balcony and my PC is in the adjacent room with concrete walls with a hall in between.

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