Cut Window. Buttons to the right of the SPEED, amount?

Is there a way to set how much of an increase or decrease the buttons to the right of the SPEED, POWER MAX, POWER MIN, and MATERIAL change in units. Currently when I click the up button on laser power it jumps from 65% to 67.5%. Somewhere someone decided this amount. Curious if it can be altered.?

Welcome and thanks for offering your suggestion. Those adjustment increments are not currently surfaced in any LightBurn UI. I’ll let @LightBurn offer feasibility feedback, but this might be good to put on our Feature Request page so others can offer their votes.

The numbers are chosen a bit arbitrarily based on how much I expect you’ll want them to change with a click or mouse-wheel scroll. You can, however, type any number you wish.

I appreciate everything you’ve put into Lightburn. Obviously this is minor but I find my self a long time illustrator user that intuitively goes to click the up button to add 1% and it jumps higher. One can dream that a click give a user one +/-, hold shift and get 10 +/- hold ctrl and get +/- 25? …just dreaming!

Great work!

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I second that motion to improve the scrolling of numeric input boxes.

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