Cuting inner circles trouble

Hi everyone. I made co2 cutter and i think all works well but ich found a little problem :blush: and dont know how to resolve that. I want to cut two elements. 4 circles and two rectangle lets say. Circles are inside of rectangle. All elements are on this same cut layer. Finally i got one element good like on project and second have moved circles. Check the pictures please . Any ideas?

ah i forgot to tell. outlines are fine so problem maybe is in fast travel to point, where should be circleโ€ฆ? Too fast acceleration Y? Or somebody could send me prtscr with axis accelerations, speed etc?

Damn and here problem with engraving more than one line. If I want to engrave few elements in this same line, and cut later works well. But if I need to engrave more than 1 line and y axis need to move, engraved numbers are moved, cuting lines are fine. Where can be problem? Thanks for involvement

Guys i found problem. I Tell here, maybe someone will gget this problem too.
Here was loose on gear whell y axis motor.

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