Cuts in not in order

Im busy making some tags.
There are just 2 instructions engrave logo and cut out.

However it keeps cutting them out first no matter what order its listed.
I’m having to switch off the cutting, engrave the logo and then switch off engraving and then switch the cut back on.

anyone got any ideas why?

Are you setting the order by moving the layers up or down in the Cuts/Layers window? It goes top down in order of operation.

Yes I’ve got them in the right order i’ve also swopped them around but it still cuts the tags out first.
That’s what I don’t understand.

Have you turned on ‘optimise cut path’ in the laser panel ? if so, optimisation settings>order by layer.
Hopefully that will sort it.

Thank you SOOO much. Followed your directions, all is working.

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