Cuts/Layers import / export and more rows visible + New better colors


how can i Cuts/Layers import / export and
how can i make more rows visible

Layer Mode Spd/Pwr Output Show Air **Number of Passes AND Kerf offset **

Sometimes i have the same old Settings from another Project and i will take it to another new Project.

How can i EDIT the Colors, moste of them are not realy cool on a white Background to see…

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I am not clear on what you are asking, but File Open will use last used layer settings, File Import will use default layer settings. I don’t believe you can change the cut pallet for layers.

This i mean,
is it possible to import and export this colors and setting?

Can i make NEW Colors that a easyer to see on a white Background?

Can i put more rows vissible?

Maybe more:
Number of Passes
Kerf offset

That are my questions.

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