Cuts not lining up - running out of things to try!

Thank you Doug. I can’t find anything loose, it’s all tight as can be. Checked after loosening the main gantry belt and the belt between the x-stepper and then main belt.

I have two motors for the Y-axis, but Y-direction seems just fine. I did my vertical line test again. I cut 20 vertical lines from left to right and another 20 again left to right undernearth. They line up perfectly. I then change the vertical cut direction on the set underneath so that Y moves in the opposite direction, and in both cases they meet exactly. I did not remove the y-axis belts to check for any looseness on the y-motor mounts because I don’t think these are a problem, but I may do so as I’m getting desperate!

I’m not saying that the problem is the Y axis but, don’t be certain that it can’t be the problem because a slight skewing of the Y axis will angle the #3 mirror and cause the beam to change position at the build surface. Besides things which can physically change the position of the mirrors, you have to envision problems which can also change the orientation of the mirrors and affect the final beam position.

One of your tests( 2 rows of 10 alternating direction lines ) shows misalignment exaggerated in the center lines. If you do this test again with 2 rows of 20 lines and then repeat the 2 rows of 10 lines beneath the 2x20 lines does it show the same offsetting lines in the same set of vertical lines?

Can you print out a 1cm x 1cm grid on a full A4 size piece of paper and then with 0,0 in the back left corner(use beam pulse/fire button) line up the outside corner of the grid with 0,0 or 5,5 or 10,10(which ever allows fullest area coverage). Clear and then set your origin at this point and pin that grid corner down. On the MOVE tab set Distance=10mm and Speed=30mm/s. Now move( Y-only ) programatically(LightBurn’s move command) and align the right rear corner of the grid with the laser beam rotating the paper on the pin.
Tape the paper in place and now start programmatically moving your laser around the grid and make sure the beam is lining up with the grid from left to right and back to front.

I would start at a few spots(6) across the rear(x,0) line then move to the center(x,maxY/2) and finally front(x,maxY).

  1. Does the laser beam hit the grid intersections consistently?
  2. Moving the laser backwards(right to left/front to rear) to the previous spots, does the laser hit the exact same burn holes made when starting from 0,0 going left to right/rear to front?

Thank you, I’ll give this a try and get more data!

Thank you Ryan, that was a good idea. I took all the belts off and checked the pullies. Can’t find slop in any of the them.

UPDATE: I got the company to replicate the problem – they get the same results with the same files! They have contacted Ruida to find out if they got a bad batch of controllers.

I’m relieved they were able to replicate the problem. (It was trying, that’s for sure. They have only PCs, and could not read .rd riles (?!). I’m illiterate on a PC. I had to convince a friend with a PC to come over, download RDWorks, learn how to use it, get it to connect to my machine, remake the file, learn how to control cut order, and finally did it.)

Hopefully the problem is the controller and they can send a new one when they get it sorted out… soon I hope.

Anyone hear of problems with the 6442XG?

THANK YOU to all who have offered ideas and advice. I appreciate it very much!

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Have you done any of those line tests while varying the seek feed rate? ie the speed the machine moves between elements to burn?

If nothing on the machine is causing this, ie you’ve checked everything twice AND you’ve validated that you are not exceeding the performance of the machine(speed and acceleration settings), then I would clear the firmware and restart with defaults and test again.

It is quite bizarre to see how the lines line up at the beginning and end of the pattern and have max error/misalignment at the center.

Hi Doug, yes it seems to be a controller problem. The factory has the same issue with the file. I’m going to try to find someone with a 644XG to cut the file and see if it’s the controller in general or just this batch.

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I can give it a try if you wish…:crazy_face:

Thanks Justginbg, that won’t be needed now. I’ve had a couple others give it go on a 6445G and they go no errors. I’ve ordered a new 6445 on the chance that there’s a problem with my controller. Here’s hoping!

Hope it’s resolved then…please keep us updated…