Cuts Off After Camera Calibration And Alignment

for my 700x500 laser I received my 4k-N 75 degree camera mounted it so it was solid using the 3d printed housing, everything looks fine and seems to calibrate and align fine but it for some reason is off always in the same way when trying to cut out around images on a paper for testing. I have calibrated and aligned it 3 times now and get the same results, not sure what i am doing wrong. when calibrating and aligning i made sure the cover was open and not touched this way no question about the lid sloppiness. i even purchased new struts and epoxied the ends so there was no slop in the ball ends and everything is really solid pretty much with no movement when opened.

any help is appreciated.

I have done the lens calibration steps using the lightburn camera settings already in the system and with the printed dot pattern with all the readings below .25 with the great! readings.

with the camera alignment i have tried 100%, 150% and 200% scale settings but still the same problem.

here is the problem where it is off by .61mm no matter what orientation i cut it at.

here is my exported camera settings:
“cameraIsFisheye”: false,
“cameraMatrix”: [
“distortionMatrix”: [
“inversePerspective”: [
“mapScale”: 0.5642633438110352

So after many hours of messing around with the settings i just decided to start over completely and finally got some good results. What i ended up doing is jogging the laser to the exact center then pulsing the laser so there is a dot and i know what the exact center was. then i took a plumb bob on a thread the positioned it so that it was stationary over the dot and marked the lid. i then mounted the camera so it was in line with the mark then to make sure it was parallel with the bed I took one of the digital angle finders and zeroed it on the bed then adjusted the camera face so that it was as close to 180 degrees as i could and in my case i was able to get it at 179.6 degrees.

now my cuts were centered just right horizontally but vertically it was off so i decided to shift the alignment selection points during calibration and now it looks great. i thought the alignment was supposed to compensate but for some reason it was not until i messed with the alignment selections that it worked great. you can see by my alignment picture the red is normally where i would select the alignment but it was not until i shifted it (blue cross) that the cuts aligned up perfectly.

here is the end result.

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