Cutting 1/4" Acrylic - 100 watt machine - basic settings

Just looking for basic settings to cut Acrylic with our 100 watt machine.


Check this chart it is a good starting point.

1/4" would be around
75% power and 15mm/s

When I’m cutting a new material or new thickness I usually check with a scrap piece by cutting a little 1" square to see if it cuts Good.

Thanks for the information.


I haven’t cut acrylic, but past research led me to believe that you also want the least air possible (other than none) through the nozzle.

Use low air pressure for engraving and high for cutting. :slight_smile:

This isn’t wood.
Very low air pressure gives a cleaner smoother edge when cutting acrylic.

I use about 10-15psi for cutting acrylic
I get a nice finish on the edges and keeps control of the flair ups.

So much depends on the nozzle diameter and how far from the work you are, but 10-15 doesn’t seem unreasonable.
I run about 1/2 that usually, maybe 5-10. Just enough to keep the flames down.
On small intricate shapes sometimes more is good to help keep small details and pointy corners from rounding over too much.
For wood I usually crank up to 30 - 40 psi.

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