Cutting 3 mm plywood

Hi, I’m very new to Laser engraving. I’ve just received my crealty 2 12w what would the suggested settings be? Speed, power etc. For cutting through 3mm ply wood. Thanks in advance, Simon

Settings are fully up to the material and your personal requirements (“plywood” is not a material, it can be poplar, birch, whatever).
In general, I’d recommend using at least 600 mm/min at about 85% power and then adjust the number of passes until you are cutting through. Going slower leads to more charring and is usually not desired. Many people think that cutting in one pass is the goal, but that’s absolutely wrong (with diodes). Using multiple passes makes the overall process even faster and more clean.

Thank you for help on this matter, that helps me a lot :+1:

Note that with my Creality Falcon, I had a SD card to use to provide Gcode files offline.
It came with a number of files, including a reference sheet for cutting and engraving various materials.
Not extensive, but can be a good start.
Also LB can create a material test grid, which can be useful to test the laser with various speeds and powers, as long as you can sacrifice some material.

Thank you :+1:

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