Cutting 6mm Plywood - not cutted through - Ortur S2 - LU2-4-SF

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro - S2 - LU2-4-SF
I am struggling with cutting 6mm Plywood 6mm.
Sometimes it works good with 700mm/min and 100% constant power and 12 times repeating.
Other cuts on the same board it is not enough with 16 passes.
Looks like last layer is not cutted. Maybe the glue in between.
Tried as well to set the focal point deeper than at the surface.
What is wrong. What do you prefer. How can i get a solution soon. Need to do a small series production.
All with lightburn with the newest version.

Plywood is inconsistent. When I get a new batch I have to test it and then the are many variations.

Sounds like it’s doing well for an led laser. 6mm isn’t easy for my co2 to cut…

Good luck


how many hours at 100% power?

Do you have air assist?

How often do you clean the lens?

This is a brand new laser. What do you prefer as max. Power for longer lifetime?
How often do you clean the lens?
What is the best way to do it?

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