Cutting 8 mm plywood

How can I cut 8 mm plywood with Sculpfun S30 10 W

Not easily. Try fast, at least 600mm/min at 90% and do tests how many passes you need. I guess you will need 8-15 passes, depending on type of plywood.

10W lasers are not very suited to cut that thick plywood.

I saw a video where some guy cut 18mm ply with an S30 Pro, 100% power but speed not stated. It looked like about 10mm/min, VERY slow. Can you imagine how bad that is for the machine?

I wouldn’t say that is bad for the machine - it just doesn’t make much sense :slight_smile: As usual, you can take any laser to the maximum, and maybe cut 18mm ply as well. But it them might take 20 passes at very low speeds. So, a simple project already might take hours to finish. If time doesn’t matter, that might be fine.

Regarding running at 100%, that’s a never-ending story. :slight_smile: I guess there won’t be any definite answer since one would need to test all those modules running continuously for months and years to check if the manufacturers statements are correct. :slight_smile: Personally, I’m fine running at about 85-90% maximum.
Maybe one thing to add – it’s not the percentage that will cause the diodes to die, it’s the temperature. So if you can make sure the diode will never exceed 25°C, you can run it at 100% for 10,000 hours. But since most are cooled with ambient air, temperatures above 30°C are reached fast, and that will decrease laser lifetime.