Cutting a detailed image

Firstly hello to all. Hope everyone is staying safe and well.
I was wondering if there is a way to cut a detailed image. I realise that it would need to be done in 2 layers, 1 layer to get all the image detailing and then the 2nd layer to cut the image.
Do i need to put an outline around the image? If so can anyone point me in the right direction?

What do you mean by “cut a detailed image” - engrave an image, then cut around it? If so, yes, that’s possible, and you’d need to draw the image outline. You could possibly use the Trace Image feature to get the outline.

I used the trace to do this:

It’s simpler because it has a white background, so I dragged the threshold slider in the trace window up almost to the top.

Great thank you,
Is there also a way to put a line (either a solid or a dashed line) around an image or text?

Around an image you’d use the trace feature, like I did above. For text, you’d use the ‘Offset’ tool.



For a dashed line you’d just set the layer to use ‘Perforation Mode’ and set the Cut and Skip lengths.

Going back to the trace tool, this is basically what i would like to do. Scan the leaf to get the detail and then cut around it.

I have tried the Trace feature and it isn`t really doing what i need it to, unless i am missing something out.
I want to be able to scan the picture with all of the detail and then on another layer, cut the leaf out. So all i need is an outline (similar to text offset) on the second layer.
Trace is basically the same as copying, it traces the whole image as opposed to just the outline.

I think you missed the important bit:

Having said that, if your image has pure white pixels in the middle of the leaf as well as around it, you’re going to get that caught in the trace as well. There is no automated way to extract an image outline.

There are a couple of tricks you can use - Once you have the trace, even if it’s really noisy, doing an offset of the result will basically merge all the interior bits together, then you can offset it inwards again to get back to the original outline.

I don’t have your image, so I grabbed a random exaple:

After tracing it, I have this:

Offsetting it by 10mm produces the black outline around it shown here:

Deleting everything else (I checked the ‘Delete original objects’ option in the offset tool) and then offsetting it Inward by 10mm gives me this:

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Cheers for that again OZ,
I will have another go in the morning.

This works a treat! Thanks very much.
Really pushing my PC to the limits too! Although I have 3.3 ghz processor and 16gb memory!!
The detail inside the image actually appears to be moving.

nevermind :slight_smile: I was not fast enough

When you do the initial trace, it’s going to trace every teeny little dot in that leaf, and then doing the offset of that is a lot of math to chew through.

You can reduce the workload considerably by setting the “Ignore less than” value to something larger, like 100. That means “any shape with less than 100 pixels of area is ignored”. All the little dots in the middle will get discarded, and only the big stuff will be kept, which will give the machine less work to do.

Fantastic thanks Oz.

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